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12-11-18 12:18 AM
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Posted on 03-02-17 12:28 AM Link | Reply | ID: 1275

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Since: 07-13-16
From: MI

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Real Name:
Victoria B. V
Minecraft Username:
13 (almost 14)
How long have you been playing Minecraft?
I've been playing Minecraft since 1.7.8, and never stopped since then. So around 3 years.
Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft server?
Never. I've been kicked, but never been banned. I've been kicked for spamming chat.
Have you ever been staff on a Minecraft server?
Nope. I tried to apply, but i got rejected twice, i think.
Have you ever been staff on a forum or another game server, or done anything else that would be indicative of relevant experience?
Nope. I'll love to help people who want help.
Skills and Availability
What times of the day and week are you available to perform your staff duties?
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
(I have electronics those days) Sometimes i'm able to be on Friday.
What languages do you speak and write fluently?
English, and a little bit of Spanish
What languages do you speak and write conversationally?
English, and sometimes Spanish for my class. (and a tiny bit of French. (long story short, I translated a book from French to English with help from my friends French teacher.)
Give a brief explanation of other skills that would make you a good staff member, or anything else you'd like to add.
I could help other players if they need help with something. I'm very trustworthy to other people, and I never did anything wrong. Side note: I can't express myself, even when typing, so if this is bad, I'm sorry.

Posted on 03-03-17 08:57 PM (rev. 3 of 03-15-17 05:59 PM by Dave12579) | Go to revision: 1 2 3 Link | Reply | ID: 1278

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Since: 07-16-16

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Main - Staff Applications - SkyGirl188's Staff Application for

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