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08-21-18 11:48 PM
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Main - Minecraft - Boviccelli Staff Application

Posted on 07-09-14 12:46 PM Link | Reply | ID: 54
Local Moderator


Level: 17

Posts: 6/73
EXP: 24578
Next: 165

Since: 05-22-14
From: United States

Last post: 508 days
Last view: 475 days

Real Name: Art Bovice Vandeley

Minecraft Username: yozorajp

Age: 26

How long have you been playing Minecraft?
I bought it from when it first came out for Windows 98.

Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft server?
I was banned from ship10 for globally griefing stealing swearing confirmed.

Have you ever been staff on a Minecraft server?
I was staff on Singleplayer when Minecraft first came out.

Have you ever been staff on a forum or another game server, or
done anything else that would be indicative of relevant experience?

I was an admin on Insidious Boards and I hacked Acmlm's when he first made it but I let him keep it as long as he let me be a regular member but secret hacker.

Skills and Availability
What times of the day and week are you available to perform your
staff duties?

On weekdays I'm available at 7:34pm CST and on the weekends I have clarinet practice.

What languages do you speak and write fluently?

What languages do you speak and write conversationally?

Give a brief explanation of other skills that would make you a
good staff member, or anything else you'd like to add.

I can listen to music well and I know how to craft the glowstone. Also you PLAY day Z you IS an Idiots Boy dont you know it baby ranch Doritos

Posted on 07-10-14 12:25 AM Link | Reply | ID: 55


Level: 17

Posts: 5/71
EXP: 23312
Next: 1431

Since: 06-25-14
From: Albany

Last post: 1021 days
Last view: 1011 days
You have my vote. Two more and you're going to Hollywood.


Posted on 07-10-14 04:07 AM Link | Reply | ID: 56

Red Paragoomba

Level: 15

Posts: 3/55
EXP: 15860
Next: 524

Since: 07-01-14
From: Southern Illinois, USA

Last post: 1205 days
Last view: 954 days
That was the most god awful performance I have ever seen. I can't vote for that.

Posted on 07-22-14 03:23 PM Link | Reply | ID: 88

Level: 8

Posts: 10/13
EXP: 1845
Next: 342

Since: 05-25-14
From: Ushuaïa, France

Last post: 1433 days
Last view: 1323 days
On a scale of 0 to Yes, how high are you ?

Main - Minecraft - Boviccelli Staff Application

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